Times Union Classroom Enrichment

The Classroom Enrichment Program is based in the Capital Region of New York and strives to provide teachers and students with literacy-based learning materials, so they can reach the educational standards set forth by New York State and the federal government.

The main focus of our efforts is to provide newspapers at little or no cost to the teachers of the Capital Region. Through this portion of our program, we have worked with nearly 1000 teachers in 72 local school districts. We are, however, always looking to help more teachers. So please, click here to get our contact information.

We are also always looking for sponsors to help us provide these learning materials to teachers at no cost. If you are interested in supporting education in your community, please click here to download our donation brochure.

If you are a teacher that would like to use the Classroom Enrichment Program in your school, please click here.

Finally, I would like to personally thank you for visiting our homepage. I hope you find it useful and full of important information about education. In the end, our goal is to become the source for all information pertaining to education in the Capital Region. But, we can’t become that without your help. If you hear of something you think we should add to our site, please e-mail me at gstapleton@classroomenrichment.org. We’ll do our best to get it on here.

Greg Stapleton
Education Manager, Times Union
Classroom Enrichment Program Director