Times Union Classroom Enrichment

Thank you for visiting classroomenrichment.org and being a part of the Classroom Enrichment Program. (Not a part of the program? Click here to get the order form.)

These pages are devoted to help you get your students to reach the educational standards set forth by New York State and the federal government, or beyond. Hopefully, you will find them helpful.

The Classroom Enrichment Program provides teachers with materials such as newspapers and curriculum guides that can be used as tools in the classroom. These materials not only provide information for students and teachers, but suggests activities that can be completed inside and outside of the classroom.

The newspapers and curriculum guides are offered in print versions as well as an eEdition. The eEdition is completely free. Local sponsor can also help make print versions available to individual students or entire classrooms. 

In addition to what you find on this website, you can also register for our weekly e-mail blast. To do so, simply send an e-mail to Greg Stapleton, Education Manager, at gstapleton@timesunion.com. Please be sure to include the words “weekly teacher e-mail” in the subject line.

Also, one last reminder, we encourage you to send the newspapers you get home with your students at the end of the day. How better to encourage a life-long devotion to reading then by sending reading materials – in this case the newspaper – home with your students.